Spiritual management consulting/personal and economic success

„Think rich, feel rich, be rich!“

For Ira Wolff, the topic of success has always been close to her heart. She has always been a special kind of business consultant.

To the idea that a spiritual person should not enjoy material prosperity, let alone show their success to the outside world, Ira responds as follows:


‚This approach is fundamentally wrong. It is exactly the other way round. To accept and enjoy the divine fullness is something deeply spiritual. Spirituality means – also and especially – joie de vivre, pleasure and passion.

‚It is our birthright to live in abundance and love and to experience happiness in life. There is no generally accepted definition of ‚too much‘ or ‚enough‘ or ’sufficient‘. More is more.

‚Why should I hide or disguise myself? Why shouldn’t I be well? It is only because I am well that I am able to help to the extent that I do. I want everyone else to be as well off as I am.

‚It would be dishonest and not very authentic if I were not to practise what I preach. I personally live true abundance and send it out into the world. Everything is done on behalf of and at the service of the task assigned to me. I aim to radiate, to give and to share divine fullness on all levels with the world. The resonance on the outside is overwhelming. It is wonderful to hear and see how inspiring and often downright liberating it is for people – the perfect complement to my work. This is the only way it works.

‚Most people think about this in the wrong way. It is almost a disease of our time. Often it also runs through other areas of life. It is all one, a vicious circle. But there is a way out. If you address this issue, you will ensure that you reach your full potential.

‚Why are the words ‚money‘ or ‚wealth‘ so negative for so many people? Money is a wonderful energy. An energy that gives us one of the most wonderful and important gifts, namely freedom.

‚Make not only peace, but friendship with the energy of money, then it comes and remains. People must learn to accept again. The more I open my arms to receive, the more I will receive. Successful people do not know the feeling of envy, because the more you envy someone else, the less you will be successful yourself. These are universal laws. Even the slightest touch of envy is immediately transformed by successful people into positive energy. This is motivation.‘

Everyone wants to lead a transformative, grounded and financially successful global business. So many people are looking for transformation, reinvention and enlightenment, even in business. Finding the right impulse on your own is extremely difficult. What is the right message that, like marketing, stands out from the rest of the crowd? Nowadays it is more difficult than ever.

Through her special abilities Ira is able to positively influence and steer procedures and processes in companies at a metaphysical level. Her extra-sensory perception (ESP) works without the use of the five human senses. It will help you and your business make a quantum leap. Her extraordinary intuition will encourage you to make the right decisions – for your company as well as for your own guiding spirit.

Everyone has their own mission, but they must also find it, live it and overcome the basic illusions of human existence. Ira Wolff sees business as art and wealth as our birthright. She specialises in the art of supporting entrepreneurs and helping them create their own heritage. Because ultimately you can create anything you want.

Put some spirit in your business.


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