With spirit healing, anything is possible.

A tradition as old as mankind, and practised around the world, spirit healing is a form of caring from the heart and energy transfer from the spirit world. Some countries have more spiritual healers than doctors. The number of people who take advantage of spiritual healing in Germany has also grown significantly.

Through the healing of the mind, the healing process of a disease can be influenced by the power of thought. The self-healing powers that every living being has can be stimulated to great effect. We already have a perfectly functioning self-healing system, which, when activated, always knows what to do.

Consciousness processes are stimulated and healing can take place from within. This is healing and recovery in a holistic sense. The special aspect of spiritual healing is that healing processes can be initiated that go far beyond our human logical thinking.

Mental injuries and physical events are stored in the cells of the body. The influence of these cell memories, and of our learned thought and behaviour patterns, seems to block access to our true potential. If energy flows are out of balance, whether due to a physical illness, a new life situation or blows of fate that take us to our limits, there may be a lack or excess in certain areas of human existence.

Through spiritual energy healing, the flow of these energies can be activated and harmonised. Body, mind and soul can be brought into harmony again. With the help of ritual and healing prayers, this treatment is a perfect complement to the wellbeing of all those seeking healing. Spirit healing supports healing processes on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It can increase your zest for life and help you achieve professional success. It can also help in relationships and finding peace of mind. But it cannot replace a visit to a doctor or alternative practitioner.


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