Jesus says in the Bible, „But if I cast out evil spirits through the finger of God, then the kingdom of God has truly come to you.“

Gospel of St Luke chap. 11 v. 14-28.

„Where there is light, there is shadow; where there is good, there is evil.“

A topic more relevant than ever, and much more frequent than people think. And unfortunately it’s still a taboo – because it’s frightening. Just as 30 years ago people were ashamed to admit they had cancer. When will we finally be able to talk freely and openly about negative or alien energy influences that burden us? For this is precisely where the great danger lies. Silence and looking away only increases suffering.

You can’t solve a problem by ignoring it.

What is a curse?

Everything lives and is fed by a sea of energy. Every human being represents a form of energy. Likewise every thought is a form of energy that is fed with information. A curse is a form of energy that adheres to a human being. It includes an order that is laid upon the victim. Since a curse has not originated from love, it carries negative and destructive energies. A curse can be understood as a loveless order whose purpose is to bring joy to its creator and to stake its claim to existence in the world of thoughts. For every thought is a form of energy that wants to stay alive.
For people who visit Ira with a suspicion that they are under a spell or a curse, the first step is to ask – is it true? To what extent are you still in possession of yourself, and to what extent has another energy taken possession of you? If the answer to the second question is ‚More than half‘, then a spell or curse has been placed on you and needs to be lifted or broken.
The second step is to examine the form of the curse. Often it is earthbound souls of deceased individuals that are still present in your life. Often it is energy from past incarnations that still have an influence – sometimes through a process of intensification over many years, decades or even centuries.
No less rare are curses sent by people still living. Every thought generates a form of energy, and the invisible danger of negative or even evil thoughts is powerful.
Very often such black magic is commissioned to avenge, injure or destroy.
In unpredictable moments it seems to gain strength and have a negative effect on us.
Many people who are victims of a curse often don’t know it, or don’t know what to do about it. ‚It’s like someone’s controlling me,‘ is often said by people living under a curse, or by their friends and relatives.

So how can a curse be identified?

The signs and characteristics of a curse are varied, highly individual and sometimes extremely complex. And they are not always the cause of one’s own misery. Examples which can occur remarkably frequently include:
  • Great strength – or lack of energy
  • Plans and intentions suddenly fail for no apparent or logical reason
  • Situations escalate abruptly
  • People turn away
  • You feel like you’re being pursued by bad luck, you’re going round in circles or you’re simply treading water
  • Patterns repeat themselves over generations

Everyone has the right to defend their energy.

Whoever recognises this has won the battle. A bad energy influence should never just be accepted without complaint.

Curses can be solved both locally and by remote healing. This also applies to immunisation, which is of the greatest importance and must always take place before the actual clearing.

Photo by Christoph Söldner

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