Stop spending your life in depression, fear and compulsion. Break free from your chains and transform your energy.

Ira is a servant of the light. She dedicates herself to the task of improving other people’s lives, giving them new hope and, last but not least, healing them. From the deepest conviction and the firmness of her faith, she sees this as her destiny, as the reason for her existence.
People who meet Ira for the first time notice this inviting and warm feeling of wellbeing. For many, one look is enough to feel friendship and trust. Others describe it as a feeling of wholeness, self-knowledge, an increase in self-confidence and a newly gained sense of self-worth. From love and from the heart, and with the greatest devotion, her special abilities benefit everyone who entrusts their concerns to her.
„Divine energy can help everyone,“ says Ira. „But especially people who surrender to it without prejudice. These people will feel the universal currents and rhythms, the basis for holistic healing.“
Whether you suffer from an illness or any other disturbance in your flow of life, whether it concerns the healing of physical, mental or spiritual problems, her healing offers help with serious, acute and chronic illnesses, pain and suffering, psychological problems and difficult life situations. It helps dissolve barriers, bring new strength and energy, increase joie de vivre and bring people back together again.
Energy and spiritual healing work knows no temporal or spatial boundaries. Some examples are listed under What I Can Do for You.
„For me it is a great act of grace to help my fellow human beings to heal holistically and to accompany them on this path. I myself function only as a channel, as a tool, as a very small cog in the greater whole. I was given the wonderful gift to see and feel the future and to let divine, universal energy flow.

Photo by Christoph Söldner

„Like nothing else, this activates the highest self-healing power of man and animal. My own spiritual development progressed so quickly at a young age that my abilities have only improved and refined over time. I am grateful for that.
„There is no difference between physical, psychological, spiritual or mental problems. On a spiritual level everything is one. In my sessions and healing treatments, the energy work I carry out can influence a life situation or a clinical situation extremely favourably and lastingly.“
On her way around the globe as a well-known spiritual medium, Ira transforms the places she appears at with her extraordinary abilities. „Wherever I am there is healing.“
With her lifelong and deep spirituality, Ira brings long-buried potential to light. She focuses her energy and thought power on your desires and worries and helps bring divine energy to awaken self-healing powers – to an extent you never thought possible.
Many people have already been able to develop their own talent and potential through Ira and today lead successful, fulfilled, creative and healthy lives. This often acts as a catalyst for further enriching results.
Some people not only experience these changes on the level of individual, emotional and physical wellbeing, but also notice a positive impact on their family, in personal relationships or at work, or feel a stronger positive connection to people in general. „My healing,“ says Ira, „is the work of creation.“
There are different theories and explanations as to how Ira is able to bring about fundamental transformations. But Ira does not promise healing. She does not explain, teach or make diagnoses or treatments.
What she offers is the possibility that what she shares with people can help in a sometimes very personal way. She encourages the understanding that what flows through her personally is natural and present in all of us. She offers people her help and love.


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