Neutralisation of local negative energies / house cleaning / blessings / space clearing

Very often, negative energy attaches itself not only to living beings, but also to places, houses and rooms. The cleaning of the energy field, known as space clearing, frees the living space from heavy energy and vibrations that might be due to historical events or created by previous owners.

It permanently replaces earthbound souls and soul parts.
It clarifies and arranges the energy structures after stressful life situations such as separation, accidents or crimes.
It ensures the recovery of a positive and bright living environment in order to bring the wellbeing of residents into harmony with local conditions.

Problems that may indicate you need space clearing include:

  • You feel tired, listless and exhausted at home for no apparent reason, despite having sufficient rest

  • Nightmares or insomnia

  • Frequent inexplicable fluctuations in sensation

  • A recent death

  • Inexplicable things happen

  • Feelings of unease

  • If you intend to buy a property or a plot of land – energy residues from past events, even from hundreds of years ago, can be stored in the ground

  • If you are moving to a new property – to purify the energies of the previous resident

  • After or during a long illness

  • In case of separation, divorce or relationship problems

  • When stressful feelings such as anger or aggression are often experienced on your premises

  • Recurring conflicts

  • Anxiety and depression

  • After traumatic experiences, such as abuse or violence

Just as we can be the target of negative foreign energies in the form of a curse, our spatial living environment can also be a refuge for earthbound souls, soul parts and contaminated sites. Signs that this is the case may include:

  • The feeling of not being alone at home

  • Pets suddenly behaving strangely

  • Unexpected changes in the behaviour of residents

  • The feeling that something is on your back

  • There are inexplicable things happening

  • You feel like you’re being watched

  • You can hear voices

  • Death on the premises, including in the past

  • Disputes regarding inheritance or sale of the property, even in previous generations

Through an energetic room cleaning the living space can be filled with power, light and energy, so that you can once again fill your rooms with your own positive life energy.


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