Ira Wolff is one of the few true spiritual media in the world.

She is famous for her almost uncanny ability to predict future events, her outstanding extrasensory perception, telepathic gifts and amazing healing energy. She is a spiritual healer, visionary, management consultant, life coach and mental coach.

Born into humble circumstances, her spiritual abilities, and in particular her pronounced clairvoyance, first made themselves felt at the age of eight, when she predicted the mysterious death of her own great-aunt and provided the decisive clue to the location of the body over a distance of 700 kilometres.

What followed were predictions of great events, but also everyday occurrences such as pregnancies and deaths. Word of the child’s extraordinary talent quickly spread and, not least because of Ira’s proximity to the then federal capital Bonn, politicians soon became her clients. Belief in a special future and unconditional trust in her extraordinary talent have always brought her into contact with the people who most need her.

Today Ira Wolff is one of the most sought-after spiritual advisors in the world. In a single day she advises and treats numerous clients. Stars trust her predictions just as much as decision-makers from business and industry. Celebrities benefit from her healing power as much as ordinary men and women in everyday life. Even the authorities often ask her to help them solve crimes and find missing persons

Ira works with people from all walks of life, regardless of gender, nationality, religion or creed. For her, these categories have no meaning in a universal context.
Ira says that anyone can connect to the energy of the universe. Everyone can awaken their natural ability to receive God’s energy, to become more spiritual and a more perfect being.

The media described her as Germany’s youngest and most successful clairvoyant and since 2009 she has officially been ranked as one of the eleven best media in the world.
Experience, skill, discretion, reliability and last but not least her enormous empathy make her consultancy a special ray of hope in an often difficult world.

Her skills will help you to gain new insights. You will learn how to deal with upcoming events. But it will be entirely up to you how you continue on your path in life with your newly acquired knowledge.

Through her work, and to the best of her knowledge and belief, Ira aims to accompany you on your way through life.


You can get in touch with Ira Wolff at any time.

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