Dear Ira,

today is the last evening. I want to thank you for everything you have done for me! I felt most of the treatments very intensely and it felt wonderful every time, although I actually cried almost every time.

I’ve also noticed significant changes in my digestion, bladder and I think my endocrine system.

I wanted to ask you whether you were able to solve everything that you think led to my symptoms? And I would be grateful if you could tell me if there is anything else I can do myself to support and preferably keep the results of your healing work?

Thank you for everything! I would love to work with you directly on other topics, but I should probably wait and see what develops from this. 🙂

With deep gratitude,


Dear Ms Wolff,

First of all, I wish you a wonderful good morning. I have to apologize for not getting in touch in such a long time, but I wanted to wait and be sure that everything was okay. But waiting at the beginning and halfway through was very difficult for me. Many a time I was in despair and I thought I couldn’t get through it, I wouldn’t have made it without your additional encouragement during this time. Thank you very much for putting up with me there too…. In retrospect, I was definitely a bit hysterical at one point or another…

However, I can now give you the feedback and confirm that I am back with my partner.

Last weekend I spent several times with him and he also took me to his friends again, which means a lot to him because he is very careful in this regard.

I hope everything will continue to go well, at least it feels very good to me. His statements to me and our relationship are consistently positive. His jealousy has also subsided and isn’t nearly as extreme as it used to be.

I don’t know how to thank you.

I hope that I no longer need your help, if I do or for another matter, I will turn to you again with confidence. In any case, I will recommend you. I’ve actually already done that, but most of them are very skeptical and close themselves off to what doesn’t correspond to „normality“ and the „explainable“.

For my part, I am infinitely happy and so grateful that I found you and got involved with it. I can’t imagine it without my partner anymore, it feels so good like it’s always been like this.

you are an angel


Sincerely Mona

Dear Ira,
Feel free to publish these lines as they are addressed to all people who turn to you in deep despair.
In the darkest phase of my motherhood, marked by fear for my child, surrounded by despair and helplessness, Ira started her work. Step by step she led me through the darkness and despair with empathy and clarity!
This trust in their work guides me.
I realize that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Over the past few years, Ira has become my compass in times of disorientation. Always with a clear mind and clear words, she guides my way.
I am grateful for that …

Irina M.

Dear Ms. Wolff,

For weeks now I have been meaning to thank you for the very loving care you have provided. A lot has happened in the last few weeks. Again and again I was overcome by great doubts and I have called you many times. Thank you for your patience and your loving and constructive words.
Since I still felt I was on shaky ground, we decided to have two very intensive sessions in February and May. I had already started to take medication, but I don’t need it any more. In the meantime I also have my laughter back. I am happy to be alive. This sense of joy was lost to me. My colleagues naturally noticed the change, so it is much easier for me at work. I can stay in a good mood for longer and bounce back faster. I often wake up happy in the morning. I haven’t known this condition for many years. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
You are a wonderful woman. I am glad to have met you.
Best regards,

Dear Ms. Wolff,

I noticed a lot going on in my body yesterday during the treatment. In the end I was quite calm, went to bed early and had a long lie-in. After my bath at 8.45 I was quite well and I feel well now too. Today I have to watch my son Tiago play sports at 19.00 and then I don’t get home until 22.00. I will sit in the car or on a chair at the sports centre.
Best wishes,
Peter K.

Dear Ms. Wolff,
As agreed, I „gave myself up to peace“ last night, which, contrary to expectations, I managed to do quickly. I fell asleep although this was not my intention and only woke up around midnight. I hope it wasn’t counterproductive.

Today I was able to start the day much more positively and the physical pain, which has caught up with me so often, simply stayed away today. That was a real blessing. In a phone conversation with my daughter I was able to concentrate completely on her; her father was not an issue. That makes me infinitely happy. Now I have hope again.
Thank you very much for all your work.
Ulrike S.C.

Dear Ms. Wolff,
From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for your spiritual work with my young granddaughter.
The whole family was suffering from her violent outbursts of aggression towards her sisters.
Now, after just three weeks, the atmosphere in the family is more relaxed, my granddaughter seems to be able to control the anger better and she has got better at dealing with confrontation. She seems more relaxed and makes direct contact with her family members again.
We hope that your work, which is for the whole family, will be like a seed, as you said, and that your spiritual healing power will enable further positive developments.  
With all the best for your work,

Gertraud S.

Dear Ms. Wolff,

I am very grateful for your support. The case has now been completely resolved. Everything is going to be alright now. I am so relieved and pleased. The haunting is over and my soul has found peace.
Thank you very much.
I wish you all the best, so that you may help many more clients, like me, who have less money.
God’s blessing and peace for all people and souls.
Sandy L.

Dear Mrs. Wolff,
Once again I would like to thank you very much for your help. My migraine has improved a lot. After 42 years of suffering, for me this is a miracle. I can’t say thank you enough.
Best wishes from Lake Constance,
Edeltraud E.

Dearest Ira,
I wish you and your dear family all the warmest Easter greetings and wishes combined with heartfelt gratitude for everything you have done for me lately.
I cannot thank you enough. May the things I have sent you give you joy and fulfilment – above all Sleeping Beauty on Ice.
With deepest respect and love I remain,
Vera G.

Dear Ms. Wolff,

Thank you for your help.
You have brought a sense of normality back to my life. This illness has robbed me of my nerve, especially because nobody knows what it is. But you were there for me and you listened to me.
I thank you also for the innumerable emails when I wasn’t able to speak on the phone. I thank you for your patience and for your answers to my questions.
For me you are an angel.
Happy Easter and very best wishes,
Stefanie F.

Dear Ira,

I found your website by chance (or perhaps there’s no such thing as coincidence?) and it is simply impossible to express my gratitude in words.

DThank you for always listening, for your advice and the compassion you have shown me. The first success came after a few days, but you advised me not to get too euphoric, and to approach the whole thing with some caution. But things kept on improving and your predictions were 100% accurate, because as promised you put all your strength and effort into our relationship, because you were convinced there could be a happy ending.

In the end, it turned out that all the effort and perseverance was worth it, as my wife moved back home in March and is slowly returning to her values of family spirit, loyalty, honesty (which have always been her highest principles).

Even now, when my wife’s affair is over after more than two years, you keep me grounded and give me valuable tips. I thank you for your open ear, for your sincerity and your words of encouragement, but also for your scepticism about the behaviour of my wife and for the solutions you offered for me and our children.

The final goal has not yet been reached, but with your combined strength and abilities I am convinced that I will survive this relatively short period of time, because I feel very supported by you.

In deep friendship,

Dear Ms. Wolff,

My heart weeps from the bliss of being accepted. Thank you very much for your generous work on my ego.
You are welcome to publish this message, which comes from my heart for all suffering souls.
Thank you,

Dear Ira
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your remote healing. I now feel much calmer and more balanced. I have got back a lightness and joy, which I had recently lost. I also notice how people in my environment react differently to me (they perceive me again). My financial worries are no longer in the foreground. I am grateful that I found my way to you. What still worries me is the mental health of my younger daughter Lisa. She is 16 years old and has been more or less at home for two years due to illness and can therefore not attend school regularly. She can’t take part in activities like other teenagers and do things with other teenagers. May I send you a photo of her?
Many greetings from Liechtenstein,

Good evening, Ms. Wolff,
I wanted to thank you very much for treating my mother.
She is a different person and her suffering has lessened considerably. Today I went for a walk with her and she had no complaints whatsoever. Her shortness of breath miraculously improved from one day to the next.
On all our behalf, thank you very much for what you have done for her. We are convinced she will continue to improve.
K. E.

Dear Ms. Wolff,
Last night was kind of weird. Did you start working after our phone call? And did you start with me? I can’t really put it into words, but there was such a sense of relaxation, peace and security in my body and I felt as if my partner was right next to me. I had never known such a feeling of wellbeing. In a rational world, my mind rebels. I am searching for a logical explanation, but I can’t find one. If one is really devastated, one rushes after everything that promises hope, even if it seems so utopian. And hope inspires. But even in a positive state of mind it was impossible for me to achieve such deep relaxation. So if you contributed to this feeling, I would like to thank you very much. Otherwise it would be terribly embarrassing for me and it would be nice if you could delete this email immediately ;-))
LG and have a nice day,
Carolin S.
Dear Ms. Wolff,
It feels so wonderful to finally be able to experience love with him, to finally be able to say and feel that we have an ever more stable relationship. Without you neither of us would have gotten this far. I am very aware of that.
Nevertheless I can’t understand how you were able to dissolve his barriers. It makes me happy not only for our relationship, but especially for him and how he can now be more open … more cheerful … more serene … more loving, more considerate and simply very positive. I am curious to see how things will continue with us.
I have the greatest respect for you, Ms. Wolff!
For me you are something of a saint … an angel on earth.
In deep solidarity,
And Thank you.
Dear Ms. Wolff,
I’m sure you don’t remember me. I wanted to do a partner reunion with you and during our phone call it didn’t go very well, as I informed you later by email. But my negative feelings should not have been directed at you; they should have been directed at my ex.
During your preliminary analysis you told me that my ex-partner already had a new woman in his life. I couldn’t and didn’t want to believe that at that time, but since Sunday it’s been official. He has begun a relationship with another woman who had been waiting for her chance for a long time. I would like to apologise to you.
You have a wonderful talent, you have proved yourself in my case and you do not take advantage of people’s suffering. Sorry for the long text and in retrospect one is always cleverer with hindsight, but I just wanted to tell you.
Best wishes,
Marlies K.

Dear wonderful Ms. Wolff,
I feel the need to express my deep gratitude that through your help and selfless commitment I have been able to recover and feel like a whole, healthy person again. Since my first contact with you, my body has undergone a wonderful transformation, thanks to the fantastic effect of your healing.
Friends and acquaintances of mine marvel at the positive change in my health. I am so happy to have found you after having struggled with my numerous ailments and pains for so long. I hope that many others will also be fortunate enough to be healed by you.
With the greatest respect,
Erika G.
Dear Ms. Wolff,
I would like to thank you very much for giving me a light again that I can hold on to.
After our last phone call, when I was devastated, I had the feeling of sitting on a cloud and being led back to the light. With your help, I have felt a little better every day. I know without you I couldn’t have done it.
You have given me energy & love so that I have been able to develop a positive relationship with the love of my life.
Through you I have experienced beautiful moments and deep feelings. It is simply wonderful. Words cannot describe what your work is capable of. „You can only see well with your heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.“ The Little Prince.
Dear Ms. Wolff,
Did I forget to mention something in our last phone call? Namely that the last remote healing … or the three in total … have had fantastic results.
It is still amazing for me how you manage to change the structure in the brain so positively and to dissolve anxiety states built up over decades.
I am much calmer in situations in which I would have been out of control earlier.
It’s wonderful!
It is also incredible that over the past few weeks I have been sleeping as deeply and well as I used to thirty years ago. Thank you for that. And it’s good to have you back safe and sound.
Best regards,
D. H.
Dear Ms. Wolff,
Unbelievable! You did it! Your partner reunion was successful.
I had fallen in love, very much in love, with a man who seemed unattainable to me.
I had read about partner reunions on your portal and you accepted my request.
We talked on the phone a lot. Often I wrote you long letters, seeking advice, even at night. And ALWAYS you were there for me. You never lost patience with me. Not even when I had great doubts about whether it would work.
During this period you have become my closest confidante. And you have given me the heart of my beloved! What great happiness!
Thank you for everything.
Dear Ms. Wolff
I am delighted by the effect of your work. It is simply indescribable!

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