„Partner reunion is to love in crisis what the captain is to a ship in dangerous waters.“

So how does partner partner reunion work? I know only too well that it is hard to imagine at first. There are things between heaven and earth that we cannot explain or can only explain with difficulty.

But why categorically rule things out just because we cannot explain them? Biology or natural science are not always sufficient to explain psycho-physical phenomena. Psychic phenomena are in reality nothing more than natural phenomena. It’s just that they are rarer.

Many people unfortunately have the attitude of having to accept everything that „fate“ has in store for them. „I can’t do anything about it“ are words one often hears in this context. But should we always immediately give up all hope and surrender to fate?

No. Because not everything is beyond our control. The metaphysical plane should not be underestimated here. If you give my energy work a chance, you will experience its huge potential.

First of all the most important thing – my work does not involve any manipulation. That is a promise.

I use the powers of the subconscious to your advantage. It sounds so simple – and in principle it is. Every person sends out energies. Constantly, every day and everywhere. Some people perceive them more strongly, others less so. But they are there nonetheless. There are many examples of our daily energies, their emission and their absorption.

Example – you are thinking about someone, and then they call you on the phone. Or you run into someone you haven’t seen for ages – but were thinking about just yesterday. What is the explanation? Energy.

These energies are present to some extent in every human being. But for the layman, for untrained people, it is unfortunately very difficult to channel and use them for one’s own purpose.

This is where I come in. This is exactly what the energy work of experts can do for you and your loved one. It can reunite couples. I work with the subconscious of your partner or desired partner without his or her knowledge (thought transfer). I do not contact the person in question by the usual means of communication.

Since thought transfer works without the use of sensory channels (related to the five senses of the human being), it is also called extra-sensory perception (ESP). Such abilities depend on mental frequency. It is like setting the frequency on the radio to receive a certain transmitter. But there are also people who have a pronounced flow of energy and good intuition and thus also mediating abilities and mental powers. These people generally go through life more relaxed.


People whose energy flow is impaired by blockages such as inhibition, worry and fear use various meditation techniques to concentrate the mind in order to release existing blockages and inhibitions and to increase the energy flow again. My energy work fulfils the deepest heart desires of my clients every day, and this is exactly what I still find the greatest motivation.

So much is possible with the power of thought. If you are in love with someone but the person does not return the feelings … if you wish your partner to be faithful or to save your relationship/marriage … then I will strengthen your partner’s positive thoughts and feelings. Negative feelings, anger, injuries etc. can be gently minimised and fade into the background.

This is not manipulative and does not mean any intervention in the personality of your partner. It merely strengthens what his or her subconscious allows.

„Experience of my work over all these years has shown me one thing very clearly, and I experience this every day in my practice: where once there was love, there can be love again“

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