What problems and situations can partner reunion help with?

There are often separation situations where partnership reunion becomes necessary. Disputes, misunderstandings, accusations and mutual hurt ensure that couples move further and further away from one another emotionally until at some point the relationship fails.

Maybe your partner has become less loving or feels like a stranger of has found a new partner. It is important that you act quickly, which is why you can register for a reunion on this website.

I need a photo of you and a photo of your partner, or one photo of you together. I also need your dates of birth and (if possible) your partner’s place of birth. The photos should have been taken within the past ten years. No pictures with sunglasses or similar face covering. The photo could be full length or just head and shoulders. It doesn’t matter if the photo also includes other people. In addition, please send me a description of your situation and your problem. This can be very detailed, but you can also summarise it in bullet points. Please use the online contact form.

What is necessary for the implementation of partner reunion?


How exactly does partner reunion work?

Sometimes it is not easy for me to avoid throwing technical terms around, which often confuse rather than clarify. Imagine my work, which is a transmission of thoughts in their purest form, as a type of distance therapy. The aim of this therapy is to affect the subconscious of your partner without their knowledge. This high-level energy work on a metaphysical level can dissolve existing blockades and pave the way for a rekindling of feelings. Negative emotional structures and thought patterns are neutralised and harmonised.

I take my work very seriously and attach great importance to the responsibility assigned to me. My practice is strongly oriented around the guidelines and findings of the UK’s Society for Psychical Research (SPR).

This is the most frequently asked question about partner reunion, and rightly so. Nobody wants to have a manipulated zombie as their partner. Every love must be able to be lived freely. My work never involves manipulation or contains even the slightest form of compulsion. Quite the opposite, in fact. My energy work is an extremely natural method, which is characterised by motivation. You do something good for your partner by letting their barriers dissolve, which may not have anything to do with your personally. This perspective takes the topic of medium-assisted partner reunion to a whole new level.

Is this work not manipulation? Can it not also have negative effects?


Does distance matter?

My work is in no way bound by geographical distance. Your partner can be anywhere in the world. It’s not for nothing that I call my work distance therapy.

Nor does the time of day play a role. Likewise it does not matter what your partner or desired partner does while I am doing my work. No matter whether they are asleep, at work or at leisure, my work can always reach their subconscious.

How long you have been separated from your partner is irrelevant. There are cases in which the separation occurred several years ago but where it is still easier to work on the reunion than in cases in which the separation is still very fresh. In general, my technique is highly effective regardless of how long you have been separated.

Is the duration of the separation decisive?


You don't know my partner personally. Wouldn't personal acquaintance be necessary?

No, on the contrary. It’s precisely because I don’t know your partner personally that I can work on your behalf. A personal or even emotional connection with the person concerned actually makes working on a metaphysical level more difficult, not easier.

I did once perform a partner reunion for my sister, but this was much more difficult and has remained an exception to this day. Today the resulting child is my goddaughter. You can see from this example how much I stand behind my work and that I wouldn’t offer you anything I wouldn’t do for my own sister.

As soon as I have received your registration for partner reunion as well as payment confirmation, you will receive confirmation of order. In this confirmation I summarise all the rules of conduct and instructions for you, which you should implement and follow as closely as possible.

But don’t worry. You won’t have to sit in front of a candle three times a day and recite prayers or strange spells. You won’t have to sacrifice a chicken with me either. That is not my way of working. If you ever read something like this on a provider’s website, avoid them.

The directions you get from me relate exclusively to your behaviour in relation to your partner. No matter if you are still in contact with him or her or if you currently have no contact.

What do I have to do during the partner repatriation?


Can my own behaviour help?

Of course. The instructions you receive from me after your registration are exactly tailored to my way of working and are designed to complement and support my work.
I am often asked this question by my clients. Contact between you and me during the work is not required. In fact, my years of experience have shown that contact during the work is often counterproductive. I can only guess why this is so. The only important thing is that you will begin to feel positive change. Nevertheless, I am of course always available to answer questions.

Will I be in contact with you during the work?


My partner now has a new partner. Is reunion still possible?

In the majority of cases in my practice, a third person (a new partner) is involved, even if only temporarily. Or something may be in the offing. The experience of recent years has clearly shown that this is not an obstacle or even a deal-breaker for partner reunion. On the contrary, it often makes the work even more necessary.
In most of the cases I deal with, there is often a very strong external influence (environment, friends, family, acquaintances, new partners, etc.). My method wouldn’t be so successful if I didn’t take these circumstances into account and incorporate them into my work.

A supporting pillar of my technique is to strengthen the subconscious of your partner against negative influence and to make them less susceptible to it. It is an emotional appeal to the subconscious, which awakens and uses the powers of the human being. Enhance your profile, show ability, gain attention and credibility, and act confidently. Most times this is the recipe for success.

My partner is strongly influenced from the outside. Will partner reunion still work?


Is partner reunion only possible in heterosexual partnerships?

Sexual orientation plays absolutely no role in partner reunion. All you need is love.
In the past, I used to do a detailed pre-analysis for every case. However, it has now turned out that my method can be used in almost every case and for almost any person. Of course I also rely on your own judgement and sense of responsibility. So you should decide for yourself in advance whether you really want your partner back and whether you are meant to be together.

 If I find out during the course of my work (usually after the first session) that you belong to the small number of people (about 2%) for whom reunion is not possible, I will inform you immediately and you will get a full refund. There is of course no guarantee that my work will succeed.

Why do you sometimes not do a preliminary analysis? Do you accept all requests?


Will my partner hear about the work?

Absolutely not. My work takes place without the knowledge or involvement of your partner. Your partner is moved by my thought transfer to rethink. He or she will begin to think more and more about their decision to leave you.

Here metaphysics makes use of a certain characteristic of human beings. Usually people do not question it if you change your attitude towards a certain subject or person. This is accepted as a given by third persons (family, circle of friends, etc.). Your partner will not be contacted by me, except on a spiritual level.

Twenty-one days. During this time there is one session per day, although success or initial positive changes might be evident after the first session. This 21-day rhythm enables a high contact frequency with the subconscious of the partner.

How long does the work take?


How long does it take until the partner comes back?

It can happen very quickly. Sometimes it can happen so fast that you are overwhelmed and you have to sort out your thoughts first. I have experienced this often. But enjoy this tumult of feelings. That is exactly what makes life worth living. It’s the salt in the soup of life. You finally feel yourself again and want to embrace the whole world.

In general, the duration of the work is of course just as different and individual as the cases themselves. There is no rule of thumb and you should never make the mistake of focusing too much on time. In most cases success occurs within six to eight weeks and this is also the time frame I give as a guide. In other cases it can be useful to intensify the treatment.

The success rate of my work is extremely high – about 95%. I am very proud of this and it also results in love and passion for my job.

What is the success rate?


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