How it all began…

In the summer of 1990 Ira witnessed a wonderful event that would have a lasting impact on her entire life.

In my home town there is a beautiful old cemetery in the forest where the peaceful atmosphere has always fascinated me. It’s a truly spiritual place. Even as a child I spent many hours alone, roaming around, enjoying the peace and quiet and watching the animals.

On this consecrated ground there is also a large statue of the Virgin Mary in a small grotto. It has been familiar to me since I can remember. One day I stood in front of it and admired the beautiful white lilies that had been put down there by someone. I began to speak with the Blessed Mother, naturally and intuitively.

Suddenly all the birds in the forest fell silent and the little grotto was illuminated by a bright, dazzling light. It became noticeably warmer and a strong scent of roses filled the air. The figure’s rigid and dead features became softer and softer, and suddenly it seemed alive.

The Blessed Virgin began to speak to me and the four sentences she addressed to me have since been a mission and supreme law in my life: ‚Give light to those in darkness. Show the way to those who are lost. Reach out to those who are prostrate. Give healing to those who suffer.‘

I was not afraid, but felt a wonderful security and deep love. The shining light slowly went out and it became cooler. The forest was dark, although it had just been a bright sunny day.

I went home. My mother was worried, as I had been away for so long. It was already late in the evening. Today I know that I must have stood almost seven hours, motionless and in a deep trance-like state, at the place where I was allowed to receive the message of the Holy Mother.“

This experience is still the basis for an extraordinary life and for the healing and help that has already been given to thousands of people. From childhood, Ira felt different from her friends, but it took years before she understood the nature of her special talents. Since the apparition of Mary, she began to experience extraordinary visions, which over time accumulated and intensified.


Little by little she began to realize that some unique phenomena she saw in these visions were becoming reality. Eventually, she understood many of the symbolic things she had seen and was able to interpret them.

In the dream, the Mother of God appears at regular intervals until today, confirming her message which has always remained the same.


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