Healing at any distance

Medicine doesn’t just come from the chemist’s
Healing is increasingly taking place not through tablets but through the medium of energy and the harmonisation of energy fields. The future of medicine will unfold more and more on this level. That’s why you should take the responsibility for your health into your own hands.“

It is not easy for everyone to understand or even acknowledge that healing energy can actually be transferred through simple techniques such as the laying-on of hands. The scepticism is even greater when it comes to distance healing. Can it really be possible to send healing energy over spatial distance?

Distance healing is the term used when a healer treats a patient who is not present. The healer comes into spiritual contact with the patient by sending out healing energy. This is possible through the application of a certain technique, which can vary depending on the healing system.

Some forms of distance healing are based on the personal healing gift of an individual or include intercession and prayer. From this point of view distance healing is a generic term for the many different forms of treatments that can be sent over distance.

Depending on the type of healing energy used – reiki, prana etc. – the healing process or the effect of the treatment can vary. But for the effectiveness of remote treatment, it is irrelevant how large the spatial distance between healer and patient is.

So it doesn’t matter whether the patient is in the next room, in another city or even on another continent. In the usui system of reiki it is said that remote healing can even be given within the whole universe.

From this point of view there is a close connection between the practice of remote healing and a basic spiritual insight, which is that we are all one. During a remote treatment, this can be directly experienced by healer and patient.

In some cases it can be even better for the end result, and much easier for me in my work, if there is no personal contact at all – although my treatment is not anonymous and never will be. So even if you live far away or are not able to visit me for health reasons, the remote transmission of energy offers wonderful possibilities with fantastic results.

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